Developing U Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a job with training – you will receive a salary, hands-on experience in a relevant industry and a qualification at the end of your training. The training is not all carried out in the workplace, with at least 20% of your time spent in a college, university, or with a training provider, to further extend your knowledge on the subject.

There are many other benefits to being an apprentice:

  • You're treated like all other company employees, receiving a contract of employment and holiday leave
  • You're training to be fully competent in your chosen occupation, whilst gaining vital hands-on experience you won't always receive in a classroom
  • You're on a career path, with the opportunity to later specialise

There are hundreds of different apprenticeships to choose from. Whether you're at the start of your career, want to change career direction, or if you're returning to work after a break. An apprenticeship can take between one and six years to complete The time frame depends on which apprenticeship you choose, what level it is at, and your prior learning and experience that relates to the course.

Leadership Development

At Developing U, we have a wide range of sectors that we can offer apprenticeships in, from engineering to hairdressing. We currently have apprentices with the following companies, all earning while they learn:

Leadership Development

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